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tv   KPIX 5 News Sunday Morning Edition  CBS  May 19, 2013 7:30am-8:31am PDT

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race - happening now, a live look at the running of the kers. . an epic foot race happening in san francisco right now. you are looking live at the running of the 102nd bay to breakers. >> counting down the final tour of california. cyclists zip through the east bay this weekend, now lining up at the marina green for the final stage of the tour. >> it is a really big morning in the bay area, sunday, may 19th. it's 7:30. thank you for joining us. >> less than 30 minutes ago, racers took off from the security the starting line. and security is tight this morning. major security changes for
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today's bay to breakers. how's it going out there? >> reporter: the race just got start and people are excited. there are sechanges out here this morning. there will be more police officers, security cameras, and you cannot bring a bag larger than this. the race started at 7:00. more than 30,000 registered participants are expected to be out here today. but when you add in all of the spectators, we're looking at all a 100,000 or more people taking part in today's festivities. this really is a classic san francisco event. it takes runners 7 1/2 miles through the city. this year, it started with a moment of silence to remember the victims of the boston marathon bombing. the bombings prompted tightened security at this year's race. there will be more police officers on the course. bomb techs and bomb dogs are on site. there are pole cameras, even officers in plain clothes running the race. after years of controversy over nude runners and alcohol, the fun run has gotten serious, but
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that's not affecting the race's popularity. >> change out the trash cans, transparent trash cans, extra police officers on duty. we are really trying to police the size of the backpacks to make sure there's not really big backpacks, just kind of 8 1/2 x 11 size allowed on the course. and the other thing we're doing is keep it to registered runners on the course. >> not worried about it. can't let this stuff keep you indoors. >> reporter: organizers also want to remind people that the bay to breakers race was created more than 100 years ago to lift the spirits of san francisco cans following the earthquake. they say it's a perfect time to come together after the boston marathon. there's a good mix of participants out here. we have the elite runners, centipedes, and of course the people in wacky costumes. we've seen a lot of good ones out here this morning.
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the race ends at ocean beach. reporting live in downtown san francisco, kpix 5. >> elissa, this race is known for its craziness. have you seen any drunkenness, wild people, even though it is just 7:30 a.m.? >> reporter: not too bad yet. that could, however, change. maybe people are not awake. we saw tortillas flying around early this morning. lot of people excited. although there's more security, people here i talked to told me the boston marathon bombing is on their minds, but they are not too worried. they are out here to have a lot of fun. >> we can guarantee it is going to get crazier as the morning goes on. elissa harrington, thank you. meantime, more than 100 of the world's top cyclists will be wrapping up a statewide race in the bay area later this morning. the 8th and final stage of the amgen tour of california begins in less than an hour along san francisco's marina green. cyclists will cross the golden gate bridge and make their way 81 miles north to the finish line there in santa rosa.
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yesterday's leg of the race began in the east bay where riders scaled their way up mount dee object low summit. leopold keany won that stage. by the end of today, they will have traveled more than 750 miles of california coast lines and roadways. now, a chp officer controlling traffic during yesterday's race was injured in a car crash. he was on a motorcycle on marsh creek road in brentwood when a car suddenly inurned front of him, causing the collision. the officer was air lifted to a hospital in walnut creek, but good news, chp says he's doing well and could be released from the hospital later today. the advice for anyone who wants to see bay to breakers or cyclists on the golden gate bridge, leave your car at home. but if you do have to drive, elizabeth wenger shows us alternate routes for today's big events in san francisco. >> reporter: good morning. we have a couple big events happening around san francisco
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that could cause some pretty big traffic tie-ups. first, it's the final stage of the amgen tour of california. it starts at marina green 589:15 this morning and then they head north towards santa rosa. the golden gate bridge is reducing lanes to accommodate bike riders until later on this morning. now, if that wasn't enough, we, of course, have bay to breakers t kicked off at howard and beil. runners and walkers heading toward alamo square, up over hay street hill, golden gate park, eventually ending up by the great highway. roads are closed all around the course. your best bet, use mass transit. bart is offering longer trains. they also started a little earlier. cal trains stepping up service and muni is also adding shuttles to get racers to and from the event. hope that helped you avoid a backup today and enjoy the rest of your weekend. >> and we have a lot more information on the bay to breakers race on our website, a special section on the page.
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go to to breakers. speaking of the races, clear skies for today. couldn't get much better weather. >> good day to go naked? that's the question, brian hackney because a lot of people will be doing that today. >> don't look at me! let's make one thing perfectly clear, the weather, so far nothing but sun. it's a great start to the race and temperatures in the mid-50s in san francisco, warming to near 60 degrees by the approximate end of the race at ocean beach. looks like a beautiful day in the bay today, with lovely weather throughout. we'll warm up from yesterday's readings and the pinpoint forecast is calling for a high of 71 in the city. it will be up to 80 in san jose, 86 at concord, 86 degrees at livermore. so if there is a factor affecting the outcome of this race, it is not going to be the weather. we'll have a beautiful day today and we'll have the entire forecast in a few minutes from now. >> thanks, brian. no questions this morning about the new eastern span of the bay bridge. i feel like this is deja vu all
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over again. >> this time it's about the small tendons used to strengthen the bridge. there are reports about corrosion. engineers reportedly discovered that back in 2006 the ducts containing the tendons had been left unsealed during construction and that exposed them to rainfall and salty mist. cal trans examined some tendons and found little corrosions, but others are raising doubts about the testing methods. beachgoers are being told to avoid the stretch of marin county coastline following a sewage spill. sanitation officials say 3300 gallons of non-treated waste water drained into the san francisco bay on wednesday, after a telephone contractor accidentally broke a pipe. tests on water samples taken after the spill should be finished early next week. and the 49ers new stadium in santa clara may be home to super bowl in 2016. the bid committee will present its final proposal to the nfl in boston. it happens at 7:30 in the
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morning. team owners will make a final decision on the fate of super bowl l. that's the big one. miami was the bay area's main challenger for the event, but their bid doesn't look too good after florida lawmakers refused plans to upgrade the dolphin stadium. federal investigators in connecticut plan to closely examine a broken section of rail following that commuter train crash on friday night. the collision and derailment of two metro north trains on friday night left more than 70 people injured. a member of the ntsb says a fractured section of rail is of substantial interest to investigators right now. a portion of the track is going to a lab for analysis. >> the commission is looking to understand what happened and why it happened and determine ways of preventing it from happening again. >> officials do not believe the accident was the result of any sort of sabotage, no foul play. in addition to that rail section, they are also examining information from the data recorders from the two
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trains. up to 60 people are hurt after a man drove into them during a parade in virginia this weekend. >> emergency crews had to lift the car off those injured people. three people were air lifted to hospitals. the driver was an elderly man who authorities believe may have suffered a medical emergency before the car suddenly accelerated. and check this out. a massive storm cell spawned several tornadoes in kansas. this is one of them. the massive twister just missed tearing apart a small town after this tornado blew through, another touching down in the same area. luckily, neither caused major damage or injuries. and what's next for the white house after the irs scandal? dan pfeiffer and senator john cornyn of texas join bob schieffer today. the senator has been involved in the senate finance committee's attempt to get some answers about the irs. that's on "face the nation" starting at 8:30 a.m. on kpix 5. we did not win the powerball jackpot, but we know
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one person did get so close. >> a south bay ticket misses the jackpot by one number. powerball lottery officials say someone in florida matched all six numbers for last night's record $590 million drawing. and in case you're wondering, the winning numbers were 10-13- 14-22-52 and the powerball was 11. we know that two tickets in california matched the first five numbers without the powerball, which doesn't make them that big, but still makes it money. one was purchased at a 7-eleven store in the san jose area. and another one in curhan county. it's not clear how much those tickets will be worth. and the frenzy has been especially wild here in california, which became a powerball state only last month. you know we were seeing ticket sales of $10,000 in tickets every minute, leading up to last night's big drawing. >> wow. i even bought one. i don't normally get into that stuff. i felt good about the ticket. i liked my numbers, but obviously the ball choosers did
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not. >> better luck next time! coming up, another look at the federal takeover of the oakland police department. we have more details on how much it was all going to cost taxpayers. >> and he doesn't have arms or legs, but that's not stopping this man from hitting the water. the big challenge he'll take on this morning. >> yeah, i mean, there's always a knuckle head factor. >> we are seeing more officers along the race route for bay to breakers today. we asked the city's top cops about the reason behind their high visibility. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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look at the bay to breakerse route. chopper five is . taking a live look right now overhead, the bay to breakers race route. you can see the runners making their way near the panhandle, entrance to golden gate park. a little background on the race, one of the great bay area
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traditions, celebrating its 102nd year right now. the origin of the race dates back to 1912, and it was created to lift the spirits of san francisco cans during the reconstruction of the city after the 1906 earthquake. all the wacky costumes people wear became synonymous with the race back in 1940. another fact, the race used to be held in january, but moved to may in 1949 and has been held in may ever since. quite the tradition. >> it is. it's very interesting. always been a debate. how much of it is a race and how much of it is a floating party? >> i'm going to say floating party for most of the people that are running. the people who leave early, those are the serious runners. the people that we'll see bringing up the tail, those will be the crazy folks. >> and it's always interesting because it's always been a question about security along the route. this year, it's even more so. >> yeah, it is the tightest we've ever seen at this running of the bay to breakers. >> that's why we turn to former mayor willie brown, who has done his share of bay to
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breakers and san francisco police chief greg suhr. how much is security and how much is to make the crowd feel comfortable? >> i just think it reassures the public, gives us that many more cops to engage the next 1 hup 1 -- 100,000 people out there. >> these lead runners, they take off like they stole something. it's unbelievable. [ laughter ] [ cheers & applause ] >> okay, and because in addition to what is trying to prevent a recurrence of boston, you have the usual sort of mayhem that goes with bay to breakers, which has been touchy in recent years, right? >> yeah, there's always the knuckle head factor and we try to pick our spots and we'll escort people off that aren't registered. >> there's a ton of people that jump in after the start, a, so they can avoid paying, and b ago, void that crush of people. that's not going to make any difference. this time, like i said, we're not going to interrupt this race, but you run the risk of
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getting asked off. >> all total, how many people do you think you'll have out there? >> cops? >> i'll say it's hundreds. how's that? >> that's okay. we'll go with hundreds. >> okay. >> and you have an extra set of eyes on the bomb squad. >> we have, we have pole cameras provided by the nick rec, at the start and the finish line, in addition to the television cameras that will be out there already. >> and so far, everything has been running pretty smoothly along the race route in san francisco. boy, all happening under sunny skies. >> it s i ran that race when it was overcast and blowing and cold and fog, and it's nicer weather when you're doing it this early in the morning, got some sun. phil's a veteran of running bay to breakers and he will attest to all of this. >> it's a beautiful day out there. can't get much better. >> nicely done. we've got readings in the 50s this morning with sunny skies, all the way from monterey,
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santa rosa, stenson beach, a lovely start to your sunday morning. and on the mild side for this time of day. san jose's got 54 degrees. one other event, oakland's playing the royals this afternoon. if you're heading to the coliseum, expect game time temperature of 72 degrees, sunny and mild. maybe too much sun. bay area drought has been declared by noaa. officially in a moderate drought. southern california, a severe drought and there's not a drop of rain in sight for the bay area. out the door this morning, starting with sunshine, temps in the mid 0s as you head out. satellite map shows we've got high pressure that's over the pacific for today and tomorrow. temperatures should peak on monday and then by the early part of the week, we'll go a bit of a cooldown with low pressure coming down out of the pacific northwest. that will bring temperatures down by tuesday. meantime, sunshine. time lapse shows we've got clear skies down in our neck of
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the woods. and pinpoint forecast for the state, if you're heading out on the bay area, mid-90s will do it for the great valley, 94 at redding. tahoe looks nice, 73 degrees. 70 down ant monterey. for the bay area, we're looking at 71 in the city today, 80 degrees in san jose, even pacifica in the upper 60s. in fairfield, 85. 86 for livermore. in the extended forecast, sunshine all the way through next weekend. cooling down on tuesday, taking us a little below seasonal averages. then by next weekend, things look nice. have a good one. >> thanks, brian. here is an inspiring story for you. a man born without arms or legs is going to be among the hundreds of swimmers in the san francisco bay today for the shark fest swim from alcatraz. craig dietz was practicing on the bay yesterday. there he is. he's from pennsylvania. he did a 4 1/2-mile swim across the chesapeake bay last year. he says he swims just for the love of it.
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>> i started doing the competitive swimming five years ago, just because i got a good rush out of it and enjoyed it and it was fun for me. it's kind of surprising to me how people responded to it and how they were inspired by it. it's kind of a neat side effect of me getting out there and challenging myself. >> after today's event, craig turns the focus again to the chesapeake bay swim, which will be held in a few weeks. the shark fest swim from alcatraz starts at 7:50 this morning, just a few seconds away. so many things going on today. >> busy time. speaking of things going on, coming up, the price tag for the federal takeover of the oakland police department. >> the big question for the acting chief, who is really in charge of the oakland police? we have his response, next. runners have taken ove the only thing we'd ever grown together was a record collection. no. there was that fuzzy stuff on the gouda. [ both ] ugh! when it came to our plants...
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we were so confused. how much is too much water? too little? until we got miracle-gro moisture control. it does what basic soils don't by absorbing more water, so it's there when plants need it. yeah, they're bigger and more beautiful. guaranteed. in pots. in the ground. in a ukulele. are you kidding me? that was my idea. with the right soil...
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the panhandle)) the first bay to live look right now over the city of san francisco from chopper 5, you can see thousands of people running the 102nd bay to breakers right now. they are along the panhandle. the first bay to breakers finishers have just crossed the finish line across the great highway. >> and it appears that tilasa from ethiopia is the unofficial first finisher among the men. now it's becoming clear that the federal takeover of
7:53 am
the oakland police department will carry a pretty hefty price tag for taxpayers in that city. the new compliance director is making $270,000 a year, plus benefits. that's what the federal judge ordered. and he also has a support team that could make as much as 385,000, plus expenses for computers, radio, tech support, fingerprint readers and a whole slew. the package already exceeds $2 million. >> and the city, as we know, is not doing well financially already. >> exactly. and the department is still in a very turbulent stage. we have the exit of the police chief. we had an interim police chief that only last add couple of days. and now oakland is planning a nationwide search for a new police chief while they have a new interim chief involved. >> so i got the chance to talk to acting chief sean winn. my first question from the outside, looks like things are really tumultuous. what's going on on the ?ins. >> it's not near as tumultuous
7:54 am
on the inside. we had a change of command last week, but the shift, it wasn't nearly as tumultuous on the inside as it appeared. >> who is running the show right now, or the federal overseers? >> i am running the show. there are certain things by court order i have to check with them, but day to day, i'm making the decisions. >> just a few days before you were sworn in as interim chief, oakland was named the robbery capital of the u.s. obviously embarrassing. what's being done about that? >> it's not a title we want to v we're definitely going to fix that. shortly, we're hoping to roll out our neighborhood district plan city-wide, with captain in charge of each area. it's kind of the chief recommendation in the reports that the city hired experts in the field to come out and give us, you know, a crime reduction plan. that's kind of at the core of it. >> robberies, burglaries, obviously a problem, but violent crime is huge. one of the most violent cities in the u.s., too.
7:55 am
how do you balance those priorities? >> to deal with some of the more violent crimes, we're still using operation cease- fire. our cease-fire initiative is pretty effective in our first run of it. and so if we can replicate that and roll it out further, that should have a good effect on violent crime. >> we've heard a lot of reports coming out recently, advice from consultants, advice from the feds. what do you think needs to be done to make things work better? >> well, we need -- we are organizing the department based off the plans that we received. so it makes us more efficient, able to respond a little faster, and then we're able to hold the commanders accountable for coming up with initiatives to reduce crime in their area. so i think that's a good way to go. >> resources, obviously an issue. >> resources are a challenge. as i try and fill the holes on the board, it's always, like, where do we get somebody from, so it is a challenge. >> seems as if the department needs to rebuild trust with the
7:56 am
community. that's going to be the key to solving a lot of crimes when it comes to people coming forward to give you tips. what are you doing about that? >> that absolutely is the key. we need to get the cops out in the neighborhoods as much as possible. so really out of the police cars. driving by in a police car, you don't make any relationships with anybody. but getting out, riding a bike, walking, talking to people, you know, coming to schools, things like that, that's great. i mean, you actually get to meet people and establish that trust and as that improves, i think we'll get good cooperation from the community. >> we know there is a nationwide search going on right now for a new permanent police chief in oakland. you're the interim chief. big question, are you going to apply for the chief job? >> well, i haven't made that decision yet. but thus far, this has been very -- it's been a good first week. it's been a really good first week. it makes it tempting. >> tempting. well, the last police chief, of course, stopped because -- stepped down because it was too stressful. >> that's right. counting down the next big race in san francisco, the tour
7:57 am
of california. >> can trouble sharing the streets with extreme road rage against cyclists and what they are doing that's endangering lives. >> reporter: and new rules at this year's bay to breakers race. what you should leave at home. the best cyclists in the wo,
7:58 am
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a live look at the final ste of th the best cyclists in the world at the starting line, a live look at the final stage of the tour of california. >> and the other part of the big sports weekend in san francisco, the running of the 102nd bay to breakers. this is a live look from chopper 5 at the race route. runners took off about an hour and a half ago from the starting line at howard and main. race is well under way at 8:00 a.m. that's right. welcome back to kpix 5 this morning. the time is 8:00. it's may 19th. it's bay to breakers. i'm phil matier. >> and i'm anne makovec. thank you for joining us. it is well under way. the first runners took off from the starting line about an hour and a half ago. elissa harrington has been watching thousands of people take part in the madness. she joins us live. good morning, elissa. >> reporter: good morning. it's officially one big party in san francisco. we're expecting roughly 100,000
8:01 am
people to participate in today's festivities. that includes runners, spectators, and people who want to join in wearing their costumes. today's race started with a moment of silence. >> 3, 2, 1! we're under way! >> reporter: remembering the victims of the boston marathon bombings that happened last month, organizers, police and city officials have been working together to increase security at this year's race. there are more officers, pole cameras, clear garbage cans, and a see something, say something campaign, asking participants to be aware of their surroundings. >> i've run several boston marathons. i'm carrying my medal with me the whole way to remember what they have been through. >> things like this will happen, but as americans, you need to stand up, stand strong.
8:02 am
>> it's definitely on your mind. you can't put your life on hold. >> i don't think everything will happen. everybody will be careful and watch around them and i think it will be okay. >> reporter: there are bomb techs and k-9s on hand, too. only registered runners are allowed along the race route. police tell me most people won't even notice the security changes and they want people to feel safe and have fun. one big change today, the size of backpacks you can bring. you can't bring a bag any larger than this. this is 8 x 5 x 11 x 4 inches. keep all other larger bags at home. reporting live in downtown san francisco, elissa harrington, kpix 5. >> we hear about the rules all the time, they say no drinking, no nakedness, but are you seeing these things go on? >> reporter: seems that some people probably have been drinking. i haven't seen people get too rowdy this morning. we've been seeing a lot of great costumes, unicorns, mr. and mrs. pacman, lot of people wearing fruit, definitely a lot
8:03 am
of people who chose not to wear a costume at all, in pure bay to breakers tradition. >> elissa harrington, live from san francisco, good luck out there. >> reporter: thank you. now more than 100 of the world's top cyclists are about to wrap up a statewide race in the bay area this morning. the 8th and final stage of the amgen tour of california begins at 8:15 along san francisco's marina green. within the hour, riders will make their way across the iconic golden gate bridge, pedaling 81 miles to the north bay until they reach the finish line in santa rosa. taking a live look right now at the cyclists, getting prepared for that final leg of the race near the golden gate bridge. chp has closed the bridge to vehicles until all racers have crossed the eight-day cycling tour which began last sunday. they will travel more than 750 miles of pristine california coastline and roadways by the time this is all wrapped up later today. well, if you're heading out
8:04 am
there on your bicycle for maybe a smaller run or just hanging out today, i don't think the weather could get much better. >> sunny skies all around. brian hackney has more details on our forecast. brian? >> and phil, you got it right. we've got sunshine all over the place. temperatures will warm a bit. it's not going to be a bad beach day, not roasting at the beach, but should be sunny. temperatures, starting out with near 60-degree readings and that's setting a trend. warm today, even warmer tomorrow, and then we'll begin to cool it off on tuesday. so the numbers today, coming up 3 to 5 degrees from yesterday's highs. more sun today than we had yesterday. more of a forecast coming up. we'll draw the pinpoint on all the cities in the bay area when we do the forecast in a few minutes from now. >> thanks, brian. checking other headlines around the bay area, tomorrow is the last day to register to vote in a special election for santa clara county supervisor. the vote on june 4th will decide who represents district 2. the winner will replace
8:05 am
george shirakawa, who pleaded guilty to misusing money from taxpayers and campaign donors. six candidates are on the ballot. a sanford research group is offering motorists in the area an incentive to ditch their cars. scanners at campus entry points and a smartphone app called my beats measures the frequency and distance that staff and students walk or bike into campus. they earn credits for opting not to drive during rush hour. credits can be spent in an online game that pays cash prizes between $2 and $50. ♪ and thousands of people hitting the streets of san francisco this weekend to celebrate the 9th annual asian heritage festival. the extravaganza was held at the heart of the civic center. festivities include live band, games and asian heritage arts and crafts. now on, to national headlines. the boy scouts of america may change its ban on gay members. they are meeting tomorrow and the national council will vote on whether to end the century-
8:06 am
old policy denying membership based on sexual orientation. the group of conservative members, however, are threatening to defect from the boy scouts if the ban is even partially lifted. and united airlines is resuming flights tomorrow with the boeing 787 dreamliner. united is the only american carrier with dream liners in its fleet. it had to ground six of the planes in january after fires broke out on other dream liners. the fires were blamed on the aircraft's lithium battery system. the faa approved modifications by boeing last month. right now, more people are waiting outside the san jose convention center, hoping for free dental care. by the end of the weekend, about 2000 people will have taken advantage of the free dental clinic. volunteers with the california dental association are providing cleanings, fillings, even root canals for free. the need for dental care in california did increase significantly after 2009 when the state legislature cut
8:07 am
almost all adult denti-cal benefits in the state. >> how long have you been here? >> since 11:30 last night. >> i go to school full-time, full-time single mother. yeah, something like this is unbelievable. >> the association holds two of these clinics each year somewhere around the state. this is the first one to be held in the bay area. well, they had a great season. next week, fans will get a chance to honor the golden state warriors. a celebration is being held in san francisco, which some say seems a little odd since the team plays in oakland. >> well, it's not odd for me. golden state warriors has been the bay area's team for over 50 years. we want it to be the next 50 years. >> i have a special liking to seth curry and the leaders, young leaders, players of that team. i went to almost every playoff game. even though it was in oakland, we celebrated it as well. >> 273, the most-- >> on tuesday, ed lee will give
8:08 am
steph curry a key to the city for setting the all-time nba record for three-pointers made during the regular season. the mayor will also proclaim may 21st golden state warriors day. a new review of the tax agency, thanks to that irs scandal. >> and we're moments away from the start of the next big race in san francisco. a live look here at the marina green and the final stage of the tour of california. . >> wow! >> share the road? it's not always that easy. road rage growing between cyclists and drivers. ((ad lib scene)) we'll be right . >> and you're taking a live look right now at the finish line for the bay to breakers going on in san francisco. chopper 5 over the scene at ocean beach. they are exhausted, streaming in, and the craziness is only beginning along the rest of the race route. we'll have more live reports for you during the broadcast. meantime, we'll be right back. ,,
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over the scene now. tolossa
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fa-fufi [t let's go live right now to the finish line of brke race at ocean beach in san francisco. you can see they are jogging to the finish right there, for a lot of people, relieved. >> in the men's at gorey, tilasa from ethiopia, finishing first among men. diane curry johnson from africa was the top women's finisher. >> and the race will be going on for another couple of hours throughout the streets of san francisco. in the meantime, we've got this going on, a live view from the ground for the amgen tour of california, which is about to kickoff. more than 100 of the world's top cyclists wrapping up a statewide race in the bay area today. the 8th and final stage of the tour begins in just a couple of minutes along san francisco's marina green. cyclists will cross the golden gate bridge and make their way 81 miles up north. finish line's in santa rosa.
8:13 am
by the end of today, they will have traveled more than 750 miles in california, from escondito, started around the south bay, east bay yesterday, and now a beautiful final leg. again, a look at the amgen tour of california, rolling out of san francisco this morning to the finish line. bicyclists will rule the road. local drivers say it's kind of like that all the time. as allen martin discovered in, some places incidents of road rage against cyclists are on the rise. [ horn honking ] >> reporter: it's road rage against bicyclists. >> this is getting old! >> reporter: it's happening more and more often. >> it's become a crisis. >> reporter: gary should know. he keeps a database of harassment incidents for the bicycle coalition in sonoma county, a premier bicycle destination. >> about half of the incidents
8:14 am
involve throwing something out of your car or truck. the most common object is a beer bottle or beer can. >> reporter: others are more serious, like buzzing a line of bicyclists. >> it just takes one person in that group to lose control and you can injure a large number of people. >> reporter: the turning point in sonoma county was when an 82- year-old resident was convicted of attempted murder last year for chasing a bicyclist off the road, onto a golf course, and running him down. >> like out of a stephen king novel. >> reporter: the case prompted sonoma county supervisor shirley zane to take action, with a new antiharassment law to protect cyclists. >> if a buy cyclists and a car gets into an accident, the car wins every time. do they need extra protection, are they vulnerable users? absolutely. >> reporter: the ordinance, the first in the nation for a county, forbids motorists from physically assaulting or threatening to physically injure bicyclists or pedestrians. >> we have a lot of aggressive drivers today, lot of
8:15 am
distracted drivers today. the bottom line, i think for all of us, is public health and safety. that's what this ordinance is really about. >> reporter: but not everyone's happy about the new ordinance, especially local commuters like jon daniels. he drives 32 miles a day, four days a week to work at a local winery. >> just really dangerous. >> reporter: his biggest gripe? bicyclists who ride parallel on narrow, winding roads. >> i come around this corner at 50 miles per hour and i've got to go into oncoming traffic to avoid hitting the cyclist, or i have to slam on my brakes. >> reporter: on a ride with him, we saw what he was talking about. >> one of them is in the bike lane and the other bicyclist is outside the bike lane in the car lane. >> reporter: technically, turps out that on most sonoma conned roads, that white line marks the shoulder, not a bike lane, but the code requires bicyclists to ride as close as practical to the lane.
8:16 am
>> i've slowed down and said, guys, please single file. i've definitely been a little bit mean at times. >> reporter: at the bicycle coalition, just like drivers, some bicyclists also behave badly. >> don't be a jerk. share the road goes both ways. >> reporter: if a confrontation does arise, if a cyclist has the most to lose, he has advice. >> turn the other cheek. let the people in the car go by and then have a great ride. >> reporter: allen martin, kpix 5. >> right now, we're looking at live pictures from chopper 5 of the amgen tour of california. final leg starting right now. they are headed up to santa rosa. >> from marina green. >> then headed to the golden gate bridge, an iconic shot when we see those today. >> and the weather will cooperate? >> they are headed up to marin county, going up the coast side
8:17 am
of 1 and it's going to be a beautiful ride. we're not seeing any clouds and fog. 59 degrees at concord. oakland, 60 degrees. sfo at 57. so out the door this morning, you'll be looking at nothing but sun and temperatures in the next 45 minutes, in the low 60s for almost all of the bay area. plenty of sun today. temps will peak on monday. then we cool it off big time on tuesday. tomorrow, we raise the ante 10 degrees. on tuesday, we'll drop 10 degrees. but in the meantime, it's going to be beautiful. sunny and warmer today. great day at the beach. not going to be roasting at the beach. perfectly pleasant. what's happening is high pressure persists in the pacific, giving us sun and warmer conditions, but then low pressure plunges out of the gulf of alaska on tuesday that. will bring the numbers down. much cooler by tuesday. tomorrow, the numbers peak. if you're heading out of the bay area tomorrow, looks nice at the airport. 73 and 55. down in los angeles, a few clouds in the morning. but rain in denver.
8:18 am
thunderstorms in chicago. and new york has rain as well. that's for monday. for us, we get sunshine and 71 in san francisco. 86 at livermore. 85 degrees at fairfield. 80 degrees in san jose. numbers are up this morning. they will be up heading into monday, peaking near 90 degrees inland for monday. then tuesday, they come back 10 degrees and we get back into the 70s on tuesday. we'll keep it there all the way through next weekend. after this warming trend, that's it. we cool it down and keep it there. >> okay. meantime, gosh, it's been really nice. perfect for all of these events we have going on today. we'll go on live coming up when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:19 am
8:20 am
lawmakers qu live look right now above the amgen tour of california, kicking off. they are just about to-- >> coming out of the doyle drive tunnel possibly, as they make their way to the golden gate bridge. this is 750-mile bike race t
8:21 am
took off this morning from the marina green. we're starting to see the escorts come through there. it's been going on for the past week in california. the stop today and final leg is santa rosa. there they go, coming out of the tunnel, doyle drive, massive public works project to get the entrance to the golden gate bridge going. there they are. looks like 111 cyclists out there. i don't know how they manage to do this for so long at these speeds without any kind of incidents. there they are, pretty tight there, heading for the bridge. >> yesterday, they went up mount diablo, a very tough leg in the east bay. i'm sure they are probably ready for this to wrap up, which will happen in beautiful santa rosa within the next few hours. meantime, frustrated lawmakers question the ousted irs chairman, accusing him of political bias. they say steven miller spent the past year singling out groups applying for tax exempt take the us. with a criminal probe under
8:22 am
way, miller responded carefully. >> i answered all questions truthfully. i did not mislead congress, nor the american people. i answered all questions i was asked. >> so your answer is a nonanswer, once again? >> miller said he learned of the targeting last may, two years after it started. now, treasury secretary jack lew ordered the irs to investigate whether this is a system-wide scandal. the report will be delivered to the president in a month. >> that's why we sat down with former mayor willie brown and our political reporter. all of this leads back in one way or another to president obama. he doesn't seem to react, naturally, to anything, including the questions of this and the fallout from reports that the justice department was looking into the associated press phone records. why? >> i'm sorry to tell you, that is a natural thing. [ laughter ] >> his reactions are natural. that's who he is.
8:23 am
he has always been kind of a social worker, almost pastoral type of responder to everything. zero emotions. you're not going to get him to do that. that is not the way he operates. he measures every single solitary thing, which means that at no point does his blood pressure rise. >> you want him to feel the passion of these things. and there is a disconnect. it takes him three days to say that was outrageous. there is a distance. you want -- especially with the irs. the irs touches everything, every american. >> most of the democrats have gone totally silent, because they are waiting for the leader, because ordinarily you would have to attribute the conduct of the irs. you would have to contribute the conduct of the justice department to the white house. >> right. >> and they don't want to have to do that, since they are democrats. >> they will have -- they are hoping the republicans will shoot themselves. they are hoping this thing kind
8:24 am
of works itself out in the committee and people get tired of the drip, drip, drip. because right now there isn't a direct connection to the white house on a couple of these issues. they should have known, but right now, obama's fingerprints aren't on it. >> i got to tell you, testimony by mr. miller is going to be examined closely. he was the guy, the acting director of the irs. and if he says anything that relates to anybody connected to the white house, mr. obama will really be in trouble. >> interesting right there. let's go back out live to the amgen tour of california that is right now crossing the beautiful golden gate bridge. that is an iconic shot right there. we have some of the world's top cyclists crossing one of the world's most notable bridges. >> that's right. and we'll be right back with more. ,,,,,,
8:25 am
8:26 am
. another live look right now at the cyclists in the amgen tour of california, crossing the golden gate bridge. as we speak, 111 cyclists on their way right now to santa rosa from marina green, the final leg of the tour of california. . and here is a look now at this morning's top stories. another big event going on as we speak as well. >> that's right. it's the bay to breakers. it got going in san francisco within the past hour. tilusa of ethiopia finished first among men and diane curry johnson from africa was the top finisher among women. she finished 8th in last month's boston marathon as well. and "face the nation" is next on kpix 5 in a few minutes. >> the news for us will
8:27 am
continue on the cw network. we'll continue to follow the tour of california going on and the bay to breakers race. big morning in san francisco. also talking about cracking down on speeding. seems like some places are stricter than others. the bay area cities you're most and least likely to get a speeding ticket, starting in a couple minutes at 8:30. and we've got plenty of sun around the bay area. you can see from the satellite map we've got a few clouds in the pacific northwest. for us, sunshine. it's going to be sunny and warmer today for the bay. just exactly how warm? 71 in the city. 80 in san jose. 82 at the finish line for amgen up at santa rosa. we'll warm it up tomorrow, cool it off for the rest of the week, but looks like a beautiful, beautiful sunday tomorrow as well. >> as we leave you this morning, another live look at golden gate bridge. cyclists crossing it as we speak. >> look at that. >> gorgeous morning. enjoy your day.
8:28 am
,,,, ,,,,,,,,
8:29 am
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coup lawmakers investigating this week's revelations arum next >> schieffer: today on "face the nation," the white house hits the scandal trifecta. after admitting they targeted conservative groups, the ierls, the agency that america loves to hate took center stage on capitol hill. >> you're arguing today that the i.r.s. is not corrupt. but the subtext of that is you're saying, look, we're just incompetent. >> my question is who's going to jail over this scandal? >> this is absolutely an over-reach and this is an outrage for all america. >> this is absolutely not illegal. >> it's not illegal what the i.r.s. has done? >> schieffer: among those who claimed not to know about it is the president. now he's angry, too. >> it's unexcusable and americans are right to be angry about it and i'm angry about it. i'm outraged with this. >> schieffer: he should be because there is a storm brewing over the